Hi Everyone my name is Alesia and I want to welcome you to neatobotvac connected a site dedicated to teaching you about all the different robotic vacuums that are on the market and which ones that are the best in technology and how well they perform.

Alesia Vacuum Experience

As Career Women and Moms we have a lot on our plates every day taking care of our families, We have to

take the kids to and from school, we also wash, clean, and cook, So if we can find anything to make our lives a little easier

and less stressful we want it no matter what it is this day I had a ton of things to do and my vacuum cleaner

just went out no warning or nothing  You know how sometimes you get a warning before things fall apart

not this time it was over.

So I did my research on the internet about these robotic vacuums that are wi-fi connected that

you can start/stop and schedule cleanings from any way you are I  was like wow really thinking

about how much time I can save every day with scheduling my floors to be clean while I am out

doing other things

So I Purchased A neatobotvac connected, and I looked at  a lot of them but I choose this one because I liked the idea

of scheduling times for my floor to be clean, And the awesome thing is you can do all this with an app ladies

Yes the Neato Botvac has an app but you must have a IOS or Android phone to do this  I think this is awesome

and you can also receive updates from your phone. How cool is that for you to be able to schedule your floor

to be clean while you out shopping or picking up the kids Think  about how much time that would save you

whenever you want to do your floors, and it is also easy to clean just turn your robot upside down place A

finger under the brush guard in front of the wheel gently pull under and clean off all the debris you see and

you are done. This is the best thing that ever happens to me and it saves me a lot of time.This is the best

robotic vacuum on the market!


I have always been the helper in my family, they say every family has one, The Internet

has opened up a whole new way of receiving information as far as helping people and I

love helping people no matter what it is so if I find out some good information about something

I think should be shared I will share it and when I found out how that robotic vacuum worked

and how it can help anybody take a little stress off of their daily chores I was happy to

tell people about the neatobotvac , And when you help people it doesn’t just help them you help

yourself to,  by giving not receiving


My goal on this site is to help people make choices about some awesome robotic vacuums

that has the best technology !!


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Alesia Hightower