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golden retriever with neat botvac
A golden retriever laying on the floor next to neato robotic

Neato Botvac Vacuums.

The neato botvac combo brush has a unique helical design.

When you combine the cleaning power of the blades it automatically

removes more pet hair, allergens, and dirt that you might have on

your floor or on your carpet in your home the Neato Botvac Is

the best choice for you. It is also compatible with the

65,70,75,80,85 series so make sure you know what series you have


Before you purchase one because there are different neato botvac vacuums.

If your model number starts with this number followed by a letter this

will work for you.Remember to always use Neato genuine

accessories because the non-accessories will damage your robot

and void your warranty.


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